Then, the source text code MQ4 is compiled into executable binary code EX4. File with the EX4 extension features system logic understandable to the Metatrader interpreter only. We will not see something making use of normal text editor. This is practical in situation if a programmer or trader give their method for usage but doesn't want the user to know the details of the income system.

A trouble.

However, there are methods of decompiling the EX4 files back to MQ4 which permit seeing the method logic. This is a large dilemma for individuals who want to hold the specifics of their trading tactic confidential.

Decompiling makes it pointless to build a small business that is based on revenue of skilled advisors or providing them for utilization. The active organizations endure terrific losses.

Alternative approaches.

There is an belief that a good MQL programmer can write program in a way that would make it difficult to decompile. For case in point, by working with licensing process. Perfectly, sadly this is not the situation. The tactic can't be guarded by signifies of MQL only.

Permit us see various systems of guarding sales techniques. We will evaluate them and find out their pros and cons.

one. Pure MQL

As we have by now said, this strategy does not give protection for the reason that an EX4 file can be quickly decompiled. Having said that, along with the cons, MQL programming has its pros which will be examined in comparison with the other strategies.

Pros: straightforward structured language that is comprehensible by traders and not only by professionals. Lowest cost level as in comparison to other techniques.

Cons: very easily decompiled.

Unique attributes: applicable for particular use or for refinement of the systems logic.

two. DLL

MQL language has a very practical unique aspect. It allows the applications to link with the libraries (DLL) created in other programming languages. Initially of all, it effectively expands the possibilities and secondly, it allows relocating MQL logic into the library which would make decompiling of an EX4 file ineffective.

DLL can also be decompiled nevertheless it is by no indicates quick and requires certain expertise. When decompiled, the DLL code is translated into the Assembler (ASM) machine language. Fork out stage of ASM professionals is quite significant, thereby this kind of costs are unreasonable for hacking most assignments.

Moreover, a job is made up of two areas minimum: MQL+DLL, which would make the hacking career even much more problematic, due to the fact it requires teamwork of two professionals.

Pros: rather a high protection stage, unrestricted ability to grow opportunities of the MQL language.

Cons: greater growth cost as in contrast to an MQL project. Library set up demanded.

Special options: relevant for jobs of average cost and reputation.

3. On the internet World wide web

This approach implies shifting of the trade logic to Web site server. The user's computer will have executive interface only, without having the selection-producing module.

MQL, DLL and Web are applied in this architecture. MQL generates a request, DLL sends it to Internet server, and the server generates and sends a reply that will get into MQL via DLL. MQL manages the orders primarily based on the reply.

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